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Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2014

Yesterday’s acting class at Children’s Theatre was, again, wonderful. But we are working Bobo at the very razor’s edge of his learning curve, and doing that (after a full day of school AND homework, no less) can be draining for anyone. And it showed. By an hour+ in, all the compromising, small group work, waiting, and a sudden change to routine did him in and he melted into a big puddle.

But as I cradled his sad, sobbing body in the hallway a CTC employee quietly dropped a super cool fidget toy in his lap, which was just enough to help him rally and he made it back in the room in time to perform his scene. And on the way home he and his dear friend bent their heads together in the back seat of the van, carefully passing a few Valentine’s candy hearts back and forth as they created their own special hideout on Minecraft–just for the two of them.

Once we got home Bobo spectacularly lost it again at bedtime, and that was hard. But after the dust settled I found myself lying next to him in the dark, his arm exhaustedly draped over me and his face peaceful, while at his request I tapped out made-up lullabies on a tiny McDonald’s Happy Meal-style keyboard. Being there together, I loved him so much my heart hurt.

This road is hard, but these sorts of beautiful moments wash the sweat and grime off the cobblestones.


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