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Month of Gratitude

November 3, 2012

(Whoa Nelly, it’s been a long time since I posted. No real reason for that–the ups and downs of parenting Bobo continue apace, along with the hilarious anecdotes and unrepentant navel gazing. It’s occurred to me, but life’s been busy. I’ll try to write more, because it helps me when I do.)

Social media, especially lately, is more and more often a platform for instant delivery of messages of political outrage and urgency. That is, in part, why it exists, and believe me– I use it as such.

But I, along with many of my loved ones, am feeling tired and toxic from all of the vitriol. I saw someone (who was citing someone else, and so on, and so on) make a commitment to post a reflection of gratitude every day in November. We should, of course, cultivate a gratitude practice every single month of the year and not just the one with a contrived revisionist colonialist national day of thanksgiving in it. But this is also the season of elections, and my system needs a powerful antidote to all that crap in my system.

True to form, I’m getting this going three days late so might have to double up on the gratitude a couple of days. Somehow, reflecting on the richness of my life and community, I really don’t think that will be a problem. It will be a good exercise for me in intentionally redirecting my mind to awe and compassion–I imagine pretty damn challenging too. If anyone is interested in seeing how it goes (or doing it themselves), I’ll be using Facebook as a daily platform.


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