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Dragons and Robots

August 31, 2012

Last night Bobo was playing a game on the iPad in bed. I gave him the five minute warning, and then at the appointed time gently lifted it out of his hands. This sort of transition can spark major fireworks, so I suppose I was expecting that. But Bobo said “okay” and pulled his covers up to his chin and closed his eyes. I silently exhaled.  There was a pause and then he said, “Did you see how I made the switch like that? It was just like pushing the “change mode” button on a robot”. I told him I HAD seen, and how proud I was, and he sighed and smiled a slow, smeet smile.

Then it was time for Bobo Bedtime questions, except this time he knew all the answers.

“Guess what happens if you are half dragon, Mommy? (yawn) Your hair shines like dragon scales, and when you are mad you get super strong and protective and end up saving everyone and all the villages… (yawn) and you I think have webbing between your fingers.”

And with that he grabbed my hand and fell asleep. I hope my beautiful dragon boy went to the place he was thinking of, where his golden hair caught the sunlight and the anger he tries so hard to push aside turned into strength, and he was the hero I know in my heart he is. Tonight I will check between his fingers.


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