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Oops! He did it again… A Bobo Bedtime Sweepstakes. Enter Now!

August 28, 2012

It was a great first day of 3rd grade, but Bobo was tired and again lay down next to me to fall asleep.

Bobo: What’s a pruned serpent?

Me: Uh… I’m not sure.

Bobo: It’s like a Mayan god thing.

Me: Oh… a PLUMED serpent? That’s a religious symbol. It’s like a serpent with majestic feathers sticking up on its head, like this (demonstrates with hand gesture).

Bobo: Got it.

Pause. Yawn.

Bobo: What’s an animal that rhymes with ‘bazooka’?

Me: Uh…

Bobo: Never mind… I figured it out.

Me: What is it?

Bobo: gentle snoring

I can see now the pruned serpent question was his way of warming me up for the real thing, just making sure my brain was awake.

So…do you think you know the bazooka animal question? I have no prize to offer except bragging rights, but see if you can guess (he did tell me this morning what it was).


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