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Can He See Dead People?

August 25, 2012

Yesterday I escorted Bobo and a good buddy of his to the Minnesota State Fair for a couple of hours. Lest any out of towners think this is not a big deal, I read this week that our State Fair is  the 2nd biggest in the country second only to Texas, and that is only because theirs runs for more days and so has a bigger aggregate attendance. Figures that Texas would skew numbers to get ahead in the polls, but I digress. Our Fair is also the 3rd largest public event in the country. I am mostly ADHD-free and get whomped with overstimulation when I’m there, so was expecting the same from Bobo and he did not disappoint. After only a few minutes, his shoulders and his voice raised in volume and everything got more urgent and more irritable. We finally had a showdown over him giving me back my change from buying him a soda, and that brought a few tears out which actually vented out some stress and he settled . Then I plopped him and his easy-going buddy on a few rides at the Kidway and his central nervous system was in hog heaven. Not that we saw actual hogs at the Fair, because I like lots of other parents tend to sit up straight and listen when the state epidemiologist says things like new strains of swine flu and really, really not a good idea for children to go in the pig barn, people. I’d like to think the hogs this year are chilling out in the barn, stretched out and napping, maybe enjoying their swill in little cups with umbrellas, totally loving not having eleventy billion little kids yammering at them and trying to pet them. Probably every once in a while one of them pokes their head above the bars and whispers This is great but don’t forget we have to keep it going, guys. Someone fake a cough.

All of that to say that Bobo was righteously exhausted last night, and asked me to lie next to him while he fell asleep. He was quiet for a while, then said:

Bobo: Hey Mommy. I have totally figured out how to do teleportation.

Mommy (yawning): Really?

Bobo: Yeah. It’s actually not that hard. You know how we have five senses? But some people say we have six? I figured out what the sixth is, and how to condense it into energy…

Mommy (more awake): and what is the sixth sense? What do you do next?

Bobo:  [gentle snore]

Mommy: [lay still for about five minutes  reminding herself how stupid it would be to wake him to ask for the answer, then lay awake in her own bed for half an hour trying to figure it out for herself]


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