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Stupid M&Ms.

July 8, 2012

Bobo, dancing around and singing: “I’m sexy and I know it and I’m not afraid to show it…. look at that body”.

stunned silence

Kevin and I simultaneously talking over each other: WHOA! What is that? Where did you hear that?

Kevin: Oh, wait. I think that’s from the M & Ms commercial.

Me: They play LMFAO on an M&Ms commercial??

Kevin: I don’t even know who that is.

Bobo: I’m sexy and I– what’s ellemeffayoh? That doesn’t make any sense. That’s not a word.

Me (confident and proud to be taking advantage of a teaching moment): No, it’s not a word, it’s an acronym, which means a word where each letter stands for something.

sound of a thwack as I mentally slap myself across the face.

Bobo: What does it stand for?



Me: Look (at) Mommy, Fielding Awkward Observations.

Bobo (disgusted) No it doesn’t. (singing to himself softly as he walks away) I’m sexy and I know it…


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  1. Carol permalink

    SNAFU! FUBAR! I can’t wait to hear the explanations you come up with for those…!

  2. Maris Gilbert permalink

    LOVE this one so much, I laughed out loud!

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