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Crazy May

May 19, 2012

It has been a while since I posted. It’s not that nothing pithy or funny has happened, just that our train is speeding along so quickly right now that those moments are just quick dots of color flashing by the window. In May, most families with kids in school run express routes, no time to stop and linger. In my office I am seeing kids itchy and limp with fatigue, their systems confused by the celebration picnics and standardized testing and the slow parade of “lasts” marking the disintegration of the school year. One little guy I work with made a picture yesterday morning of “Crazy May” as a villain with hypno-lasers. He was able to make another picture of himself in a laser-proof suit surrounded by family with shields, and then we x’d out Crazy May and stomped on him.

I have no laser-proof suit. Not yet, anyway.

However, there are ways to throw the brake on the train and force it to to a brief stop; some are planned, most not. A brilliant, interesting friend is in town, someone I have known so long he is more like family.  My herb and lazy Susan seedlings are sitting on the deck in their pots, and I put them on eye level with the kitchen window so they can guilt me into getting outside. It is sunny, and beautiful.

Thursday afternoon and night, Bobo had (and I spare anyone who reads this the details, for which you should thank me), what can euphemistically be described as tummy trouble. We kept him home, and he was wan and quiet on the couch for about three hours and then started reconstituting himself. By lunchtime, we were able to go for a long walk, eat some frozen yogurt, and browse at an enormous yard sale over on the next block. I came home with a small shelf for my office. Period.

Bobo first found an umbrella, then a Wheel of Fortune board game, and then he fixed on a metal detector(whichWORKSohmommyIhavetohaveithaveto). He was several dollars short,  so we walked home and I put him to work cleaning until he could earn the rest and then sent him back on his own to collect his prize. Except they had sold it. A few weeks ago I would have expected wailing and gnashing of teeth, but he apparently rallied and convinced the guy running the sale to sell him an old TV for cheap so he could take it apart. Other than the mercury and hazardous waste, that should be no problem at all. None.

So even though the train is going fast, we slowed down enough to take in our surroundings. I can feel the wheels picking up speed again this morning, and take a deep breath.


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