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science fair highlights

May 4, 2012

The annual Science Fair at Bobo’s school is a really, really big deal. Not in the icky parents-pushing-kids-to-outdo-themselves sense, but in a wonderful festival of posterboard and crayon flow charts and kid creativity sense. It’s kind of the State Fair of the elementary school year–lunchroom full of fabulous nonschool food like gourmet pizza and hotdogs and soda, gym full of sweaty people happily walking around looking at goofy exhibits. Have I mentioned I love this school? So that was the real highlight–watching Bobo alternately show off his little project (we had to convince him not to yell out fact about pneumatic pressure barker-style at passersby) and giddily roam the hall with his friends, learning and asking questions and filching lots of candy from the bowls set out at each project.

Other choice moments:

1) While sitting eating pizza with friend of Bobo’s whose family we don’t know:

Friend, “I have root beer”.

Bobo: “Cool. That’s the only beer kids are allowed to have.”

Friend (nonchalantly): “Yeah. My dad REALLY likes his beer. Lots. And brandy.”

Bobo (also nonchalantly): “ dad really likes boats.”

Keep in mind, this dad and I were sitting next to each other across from the kids, and I’d never met him before.


2) While slightly jacked up on candy:

Bobo: “Ouch! That hurt my ear!”

Me: “Then don’t put it in your ear”.

Bobo: “Why not?”

3) On the way home, totally strung out on candy, pretending to have a phone argument with an imaginary character:

Bobo: You be quiet. No, YOU be quiet. You’re stupid! Um, I’m stupid? You’re the one that’s invisible.


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  1. You’ve got the science fair in a nutshell! 🙂

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