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The Potato Chip Place.

May 1, 2012

I recently saw a little recipe suggestion somewhere, I think during a careful foray into a Weight Watchers magazine or some other outpost of Diet Culture. Diet Culture is a hivemind like any other–there are delicious little honeycombs of knowledge and support,  but to get them you have to be veeeeery careful and move slowly with your eyes wide open and protective gear on because the rest of it will sting you and make you not feel good.

Anyway, this little culinary gem recommended splashing a bit of a tamari soy sauce on sugar snap peas because you can satisfy the same cravings for salt and crunch as potato chips. This is when I always feel guilty and wonder if there are thousands of other people out there who nod knowingly and joyfully pull out the Kikkoman. As for me, there is no doubt in my mind that the Sugar Snap Pea Place and the Potato Chip Place are completely separate in my brain, with different area codes, and no condiment is going to fool them into shacking up together. Other people might might satisfy their Potato Chip Place with this veggie snack, but if I ever tried it mine would say Bitch, please. Then it would smack me across the face and send me to SuperAmerica for some cool ranch Doritos. Sugar snap peas are their own brand of deliciousness. They taste to me of spring, of beauty, and my grandmother’s garden at our cabin. They are amazing. Let them have their own space, and let potato chips satisfy the Potato Chip Place. Just maybe not the whole bag.


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  1. Maris Gilbert permalink

    yah man, totally. I love the spring garden of munching snap peas bring. They are NOT potato chips, they are the lovely snap peas of constant need to reach in a bag and deliver something to my mouth. But, no, they are not the experience of fried salty potato chip gloriousness.

  2. I love this! I am really there with you on this point!

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