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And did I mention I’m making myself even more miserable? On purpose?

April 27, 2012

In addition to all of the rest of it, I started a diet a few days ago.

What’s that, you say? Second grade music performance, and now dieting? I know, I should just get a T-shirt that says PRECIOUS MOMENTS MOMMYBLOGGER on it. And I will, but only if it’s got full sleeves and a long tail to cover my ass. Listen, I’ve been wanting to start writing this blog for a quite some time, so there will be a lot of things to skim off the top as I make my way down to politics and spirituality and pithy film critiques.

So yeah, the diet. It suppose it is possible to say jeeeez, teaching at two colleges, two therapy practices, writing a book, dealing with the ups and downs of Mr. Bobo… maybe fucking with how you eat is a little much right now? I know it is possible, because I’ve said it. New baby, an increasingly insane agency job, dealing with emerging special needs, career shift to private practice, and it’s easy to keep hitting snooze on the diet button. Five more minutes…five minutes…five more minutes…until you realize the sun is shining straight into your face on the pillow, you’re late for work, and there’s no position you can sit in comfortably in session without the waistband of your pants digging into your gut.

Realizing how much I can use mindless eating for comfort is not exactly earth-shattering, but it’s still jarring. A few nights ago Bobo was completely exhausted from a happy but long day and did a sudden detour into Meltdownville. Once he was finally peacefully asleep I stumbled downstairs, ears ringing from a solid hour of coloratura whining and my entire nervous system zinging and crackling like a downed power line. It was so clear to me that a plate of melty cheese nachos would be absolutely perfect in that moment, but as my hand reached for the fridge I remembered oh yeah, I don’t do that anymore and I went into my office to watch TV, wondering if I could beat myself into blissful unconsciousness with an organic carrot stick.



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  1. fifthlampdown permalink

    I suppose this means our donutting days are numbered?

  2. Maris permalink

    oh my houses fabulouso

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